Greetings & Welcome!

From the great words of Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music...Let's start at the very beginning! 

I'm Kim!  I suppose I can officially call myself a middle-aged mom of 4.  I live in northern IL, and I love being a mom.  You can find me blasting 90's hit music on Alexa, dancing around my home while I try to keep the peace between little humans, cleaning, and working.  

Working?  Let's talk about that!  That's why I'm here after all, and probably why you're here as well!  I am the owner, maker, crafter, and all other roles behind Simply Blissful Boutique.  Though I LOVE my job, it became my job by total accident!  See, I had 3 babies in 2.5 years.  When I was on my 3rd unpaid maternity leave, I needed to get a bit creative with Holiday gifts for teachers, bus drivers, friends neighbors, etc.  At this point in my life, I had been making my products for years. I put together gift baskets with my Slumber Bath bomb, Lavender Mint Body butter, Citrus sugar scrub, and orange mint Chapstick.  Mid-January came, and I had requested after a request for more bath bombs.  Teachers asked where I got everything, neighbors asked me how much to buy more.  I took a hard look in the mirror and asked... "Could this be a thing?  Did I just stumble on the path I was meant to be on?" 

I took time to research running a business, reached out to fellow small business owners, and I jumped right in.  I started making heart-shaped bath bombs for Valentine's Day and sold over 300 that season!  Simply Blissful was born, and I never once looked back!  Since February of 2017, I have been making, creating, evolving, and LOVING every moment of my Journey.  

I started out making 4 bath bombs an hour in my kitchen with a small cabinet filled with ingredients, to utilize every inch of my dining room, and office.  With racks for supplies, products, baker's racks to allow products to dry....and I can now crank out 36 bath bombs an hour!  Baking Soda and Citric Acid are delivered on my driveway by the pallets! It still BLOWS my mind that I'm where I am today!  

The best part about my business is that my products are 100% Natural!  No chemicals, no synthetics.  100% natural products, but also products that NOURISH and soothe your skin!  I'm able to keep costs low, because I don't have retail overhead, and the many other fees large businesses have!    

My 3rd hat is my love for writing.  It's a part of my I haven't shared with many people.  I'm beyond excited, nervous, and anxious to share my love for writing, and my passion for natural products with all of you. 

My 4th's my Kim hat!  I have a passion for what I do, and the life I lead!  Even in my darkest moments (there's been more than I care to admit) I am always trying to find the best, and to look for the Joy!  (I almost always find it in music)... Through this blog, I hope to take you on a journey of life, all while sharing and teaching you all about the amazing products you can use for your skin!  I will share easy DIY recipes, tips, and tricks, the best essential oils for various aliments!  So please!  Stay with me friends!  I have soooo much more to share with all of you!!!  

From my heart to yours!